Who is GhostID?

Hey! I'm Jesse, but you can call me Ghost. I've been developing games since I was 10 years old. I'm currently 19 years old and live in Canada. I've programmed in Java, AS2, AS3, PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, VB.net, MySQL, and a little bit of GLSL. Honestly, I haven't touched half of those scripts/languages sooooo I'm pretty rusty at them, haha. That being said I'm always developing in Java using LibGDX, Slick2D, and Kryonet. c:

I'm a pretty big fan of CO-OP games, sidescrollers, and top-down games, so you can expect that in the future. I also enjoy RPG, Roguelike, Minecraft type of games. So yeah,

Anymore questions? Ask me anything here!

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